Fedora has over 40 years experience in conducting covert surveillance in a variety of settings.  
How can Fedora assist? 
Whether it is static surveillance, using a surveillance operative and/or a covert camera or mobile surveillance, with or without technical assistance, Fedora is able to deploy by stealth, quickly and effectively, in order to gather the evidence required. 
Prior to any surveillance activity being agreed and undertaken, Fedora will conduct a robust and comprehensive risk assessment, to ensure that the covert activity being considered, would be in line with legal frameworks. This is to ensure that any data gathered is usable and admissible in court. 
The risk assessment conducted, will include examining in detail the necessity and proportionality for such intrusive activity, as well as ensuring that any covert activity deployed, minimises or eliminates any collateral intrusion of individuals not connected or involved in the enquiry. This is vital to ensure that there are no violations of individual’s human rights. 
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