Fedora Investigations has the capability of tackling all criminal and civil wrong doing, either proactively (live time) or retrospectively (after the crime/wrong doing has been committed) 
Fedora’s team, comprises of a significant forensic capability, which includes the ability to complete timely forensic examinations of computers and phones, deploy electronic tracking and listening devices and install covert camera equipment by stealth, in order to harvest the necessary evidence to either identify and snare the perpetrator(s) or secure the requisite evidence to support either a criminal prosecution or civil injunctive relief. 
Recent national (UK) and international investigations conducted by Fedora (2020-2022) include: cold case murders (on behalf of foreign law enforcement), blackmail, bribery & corruption, rape, incitement towards a child/young person, stalking and harassment, fraud, theft and serious assault. 
Whilst Fedora’s investigative response is mainly focused on identifying perpetrators and assisting prosecutions, we will support individuals and companies who have been wrongly accused of criminality and/or wrongdoing, if our initial assessment identifies that a miscarriage of justice is highly likely to have occurred or that the allegations have been made maliciously.  
In such cases, Fedora will leave no stone unturned to identify where law enforcement has acted wrongly and unjustly as well as proving to a criminal standard that the offences could not have occurred as alleged. 
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