Sometimes, those entrusted to protect the public and enforce the law, abuse their position and do not conduct themselves as they should do when investigating suspected criminality. This abuse can manifest itself through unlawful arrests, unlawful detention, misuse of interview and search powers, misuse of bail powers and extend to wider misconduct during the investigative journey. 
In many cases, Fedora’s excellent links with the media, can be used to publicly highlight injustice(s), which often assists in bringing a swifter conclusion to the ongoing abuse. 
Due to the fact that Professional Standards Departments (DPS) within Police Forces, are often hesitant or unable to commence their investigations until a criminal investigation has concluded, those rogue officers, who have been complained about are usually keen to keep their investigation ongoing for as long as possible, to avoid any DPS investigation commencing. 
Fedora regularly sees the misuse of RUI, which is the power to release a suspect under Investigation (without conditions). This power often cynically kicks in, following a refusal by a Court of a police application for a further bail extension.  
Due to the fact that there is no time limit or conditions attached to RUI, an accused can be left in limbo, receiving no updates on their case for months and sometimes years. This is just not acceptable. 
Fedora has extensive experience of police investigations and is fully equipped to identify what is and what is not lawful within police investigative activity.  
Fedora is also highly experienced in robustly challenging unlawful and unfair police activity and bringing those responsible to book, for either a breach of police conduct regulations and/or outright criminal activity. 
In many cases, Fedora’s excellent links with the media can be utiliseds to publicly highlight the injustice, which in turn usually brings a swifter conclusion to the ongoing abuse of powers. 
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