Fedora has decades of experience in finding mission persons. 
How can Fedora assist? 
Whilst the police response for missing persons, classed as children & young persons or vulnerable, is usually swift and effective, this is not always the case for individuals classed as adults (over 18 years), unless the circumstances of the disappearance indicates possible criminal activity, their absence is highly unusual or there is tangible proof that they are in immediate danger. 
Very often, the ‘golden hour’ for investigative action (usually the first 48 hours in missing person cases) is lost due to the fact that law enforcement have not prioritised the missing report, due to the age of the victim. 
By engaging a private investigation company early, those vital clues as to what may have occurred, who the missing person might be with and where they may be found can be harvested in a timely manner and actioned. 
Very often, vital information can be overlooked, including information that may be available online or found on communication devices used by the missing individual.  
Fedora has the ability to swiftly harvest this information and immediately deploy as necessary in order to locate and intercept the missing individual. 
On other occasions, it may be necessary to take preemptive covert action, before the person goes missing, especially when dealing with an individual who has a history of going missing or who has pre-warned their loved ones that they may run away. 
In such cases, Fedora can enable those close to the individual at risk, to be able to monitor their loved one and locate them, should they disappear. 
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