The offences of Blackmail, Bribery and Corruption are inextricably linked to Fraud activity and as a result, Fedora is very well set up to tackle such obnoxious criminal activity.  
Cyber intrusions, data loss and scams that have just got out of control, can easily turn into blackmail situations, where the information lost or intercepted is being used as a weapon against you, by criminals seeking to extort money from you. 
How can Fedora assist? 
Fedora is an innovative, fast moving 24/7 Investigation company that delivers results. 
It is made up of highly experienced former detectives who have been employed fighting organised crime, on an International level, all their careers and fully understand the need for confidentiality. 
We are here to support victims, whether individuals or companies and will guide you through what can be a very worrying time. 
Fedora can provide either a confidential, proactive, live-time investigative response, if the criminal activity is ongoing, or a post-event, reactive Investigative response, if the offence has already occurred. 
By discussing the matter (free of charge) you will be able to quickly gauge what action is required and how Fedora can assist you in reducing or eradicating the risk. 
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