When you are the victim of fraud or trying to sort out what you believe to be a financial injustice, it is not always simple to obtain the assistance you really need. With Police resources stretched and fraud departments elusive or unhelpful, sometimes merely reporting the matter to the Police and getting a crime report number is not enough. 
You want to take action, but how? 
In other cases, it may be that you are unsure as to whether you need to approach a Law Firm or would like to, but the case is confused and hard to present as it stands.  
Fedora Investigations offers a free initial consultation, in order that we can understand the problem and you can understand how we can assist. 
Fedora is here to provide that missing link and assist both individuals and companies to: 
Fully understand the problem (clear the ground beneath your feet) 
Identify the strengths in your version of events 
Identify the weaknesses in their version of events 
(have they actually done what they should have?) 
Present a compelling and well thought out strategy to solve the issue. 
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